20-20-20 rule

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  • Every 20 minutes
  • Look at something 20 feet away (6 meters)
  • For at least 20 Seconds

The 20-20-20 rule is designed to be an easy to remember caution about doing too much near work and to give your eyes a break from eye strain regularly. This rule is supported by conventional optometry[1][2] and is a start towards the EM method.

In some countries, this may be known as the 10-10-10 rule which is similar, but goes as follows:

  • Every 10 minutes
  • Look at something 10 meters away
  • For at least 10 seconds

Endmyopia recommends even more breaks.

  • Every 20 minutes, take a 5 minute break.[3]
  • Every 3 hours, take the longest break you can (half hour to hour) [4]
  • Take your break outside. [5]
  • As you develop Strain Awareness you can customize your break schedule to your needs.
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