EndMyopia Discord Server

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The EndMyopia Discord Server is a live chat room for discussing vision improvement. You can get really quick feedback and support on all areas of vision improvement.


Join the EndMyopia Discord server here.

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Server channels


#welcome - info about the server, server rules *shudders*
#introductions - introduce yourself
#announcements - server announcements
#eyeball-these-links - some handy links
#endmyopia - for general vision improvement stuff
#gainz - post about improvements
#videos - post videos about vision improvement (even your own)
#memes - memes
#👓diopter-roles - cool place where you can select your level of myopia, and be marked as such. Gives you a colourful username, completely optional
#off-topic - off-topic things unrelated to vision

This list isn't comprehensive. Face-smile.svg


To talk to other people, it's usually a good idea to join one of the voice channels and leave your mic on mute until someone joins. Being in the voice chat channel itself is good because it shows other people you're down for a voice conversation.

You can post things like links and images in the dedicated #1,2,3-text channels.

Other resources