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EndMyopia is based on the premise that near-sightedness is just a refractive state, and not an irreversible condition, as has been demonstrated in countless improvement cases over many years. Many students have managed to completely reverse their myopia and regain Visual acuity.

EndMyopia does not exist as a quick-fix money-making scheme, and although there is a paid course, it is entirely optional when it comes to improving your eyesight. All information is freely available in the blog articles on and the EndMyopia YouTube Channel.

Reasonable suspicion should be involved while reading. Read some third party clinical studies, don't blindly believe eyesight improvement just from us or some other source, do some research.

You may be interested in the EndMyopia Forum, EndMyopia Discord Server or Facebook group.

The wiki is free to use and share and is written by contributors like you. Most editors have had some degree of success in improving their eyesight, otherwise they wouldn't have any interest in writing an entire wiki ;)

Wow, there are already 225 articles and 12,287 edits.

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Clinical studies about myopia progression and vision improvement


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Community-written projects

Community-written musings on EndMyopia and vision improvement. You can write one too!

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