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Welcome to Endmyopia Wiki, the vision improvement resource that anyone can edit. Ideas here have their basis in independent clinical studies and countless improvement cases over many years from Endmyopia. Many people have managed to completely reverse their myopia. Reasonable suspicion should be involved while reading, and you shouldn't blindly believe this. There's a lot of weird and ineffectual stuff related to vision improvement on the internet.

The wiki is written completely for free, by contributors like you. Many contributors have made significant improvements in their eyesight, otherwise they wouldn't have any interest in writing an entire wiki. ;)

See this link here for all of the main articles on the wiki at the moment, and contribute to those. Alternatively, make your own articles. This is all super-duper alpha stuff.

Wow, there is already 3,942 pages and 12,301 edits.

So far 246 users are registered, and you can join us.

Any contributions made are released under WikiMeow:Text of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


I hope this isn't the final logo the wiki comes up with, but it's a start.

EndMyopia Concepts

Frequently Asked Questions

Contributing to the Wiki

Currently, the wiki is in its primordial state of no configuration. That means it smells like a swamp in here. Ew.

Please feel free to make ANY and ALL changes that YOU think will improve the wiki. If in doubt, make the change. All of your terrible edits will definitely be tidied up later, when we're closer to actually releasing the wiki properly.

  • PLEASE don't make loads of Wikilinks to the 'WikiMeow:' namespace. This will be changed to the 'Endmyopia:' namespace as soon as possible, and you will have wasted loads of time :(
  • PLEASE search for existing articles before making redlinks to articles that already exist. There are loads of stub articles that already exist. Otherwise we have to merge all of the articles later and that might not be very fun :(

Check out the sidebar to the left to find the ToDo list for everyone as a community, before we go 'live' with the wiki and tell everybody and their dog to come here to get information.

tl;dr: here is the complete, official policy for the EM Wiki