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Your myopia improves 0.2639725 times faster if you swap the shack for a yurt and you make it a commune
  1. Move to the National Radio Quiet Zone
  2. Set up a shack free from all government interference. Anti chemtrail gas mask at all times
  3. Align your visualitory muscle fascias with a ‘1 month light detox’. If you skip a day start over
  4. Vegetables are part of the problem, they are a medium between the earth and you. Cut out the middleman and eat soil
  5. You have to do stepz 1–4 at the same time

Or try this (seems sketchy)

This is the actual EndMyopia method in 'stepz' format. You are unlikely to improve with this alone.

  1. Buy glasses that are 1-2 diopters lower than normal correction, wear these for 4-6 weeks, these are your close-up glasses
  2. Get an eye test after that
  3. Buy glasses 0.25 diopters lower than your eye test result in both eyes, these are your distance glasses
  4. Use your close-up glasses for screens and your distance vision glasses for far away
  5. Try to relax your eyes and see further with both of these glasses. If we were to give this a name we'd call it active focus.
  6. In about 3-4 months you should be ready to reduce your distance vision glasses, eventually you can reduce your close-up glasses too.
  7. Make sure to get loads of distance vision
  8. ???
  9. 20/20