Legal:No medical advice

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EndMyopia Wiki is not medical advice.

Consult your optometrist, ophthalmologist or other medical practitioner if you have concerns about your eye health. We are not qualified to give medical advice and give no representations that we are. If you have any vision problems not corrected by your glasses, pain, or stress when using your eyes, consult with a medical professional and resolve that before experimenting with EndMyopia methods.

EndMyopia Disclaimer

We look at myopia as a refractive state. Not an error, and certainly not an illness or medical condition. We explore scientific ideas here, not medical ones. Any advice and suggestions provided by Jake or @endmyopia is 100% unlicensed, unsanctioned, un-endorsed by the optometry establishment - and remember, we are talking science, not medicine here. Further you might consider that everything we discuss is highly experimental, and you should absolutely always seek a sanctioned opinion if you are experiencing health issues or medical concerns. Lens use specific comments are for discussion only, and should not be considered medical advice, nor any of other suggestions provided anywhere as part of EndMyopia. Depending on your local laws you may need to consult a local optometrist for prescriptions and medical advice. When driving, or any activity requiring full 20/20 vision, you should always wear your glasses that provide the full correction necessary for the task. If you have symptoms that might require medical attention, please visit an ophthalmologist or hospital.