Plus lenses

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Plus lenses are glasses that correct for hyperopia known as far-sightedness, and/or presbyopia. Their diopters values are positive (e.g. +1 SPH).

EndMyopia uses plus lenses over contacts to cut the distance correction strength and serve as differential correction.

Plus lenses are sometimes used for myopia prevention in kids, however remember to always know what you are doing before implementing focal plane changes, especially in children.

Finally, plus lenses can be, and sometimes are, sparingly used by individuals dealing with the last diopter. Plus lenses can and often do cause more problems than they solve in this application however, so ensure you have a full understanding of the appropriate usage before implementing them. The references included here should help you get started.

The EndMyopia method is not a proponent for "plus lens therapy". There are methods that advocate for this "hack" but EM strongly encourages individuals to understand that short cuts really don't work and that all focal plane changes should be informed decisions that are approached with caution.


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