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Denise Skidmore, starting at -17D (refraction test), one of the most myopic members of the forum. Even if everything on my journey works perfectly (averaging +0.75D per year), it will take over two decades to reach 20/20. (That said, I've been myopic my whole life, and appreciate my awesome close inspection vision, which will fade as my focal plane moves further from my eye. I probably would stop at the point that I need glasses for driving but not for the computer, but that would be almost 2 decades.)

When reading diopter values in my details, keep in mind vertex distance is a very big deal at my level of myopia, and refraction, glasses, and contacts numbers may be out of sync with each other.

Also, a nerd. Check out my contributions and totally call me out on the talk page if I don't have enough citations. I gots the citations for any claim I made, or I'll delete the claim. I may leave myself wiggle room for items I don't consider facts by saying things like "The EM method promotes blah blah blah" in which case I need to dig up a citation to a Jake Steiner post.


Being as myopic as I am, I'm very limited in my choices. Switching between two pairs of full strength glasses is likely to give me vertigo, as small changes in the adjustments can introduce effective cylinder that isn't intended to be part of the lens. Hence the decision to go with contacts with low power "tuning" glasses over. At my power, the lenses are special order, they're not in stock at any online vendors I've found, and issues with the shape of my left eye mean I really do need to stick with the same brand and model my doctor fitted me for. (I scratched that eye when trying hard contacts as a teen, because the fit issues caused it to move too much.) I failed to convince my doctor to give me a computer lens with additional minus driving lenses over, so my current tuning lenses need to be plus, not minus.

Future Proposed Process

I might be able to order online -10D contacts of the same material, base curve, diameter, brand... The closer I get to -10D the more this will make sense. If I can go +2D, I can swap my tuners to the similar strength but opposite sign. +2D is entirely within the realm of common improvement claims. In ~7 years, I could actually be at -8.5D, then I could use -10D contacts for differentials and added minus over for normalized. (And I'd still be at the right end of the bell curve...)

Lenses Log

Date Contacts OD Contacts OS Differential OD Differential OS Normalized OD Normalized OS Comments
6/9/2020 -13.5 -14 +1 +1.5 - - Finally have all the parts for my official start. Right eye contact already not clear to 20 feet, and before/after contacts lenses are already reduced prescription, so not yet doing anything for normalized. I do have +0.25 and +0.5 bilateral lenses handy, but I think it's too much for the right eye at this point.


A bit skeptical, but reports of at least +3D improvement is common, and it won't take much to make it down to more options for contact lenses. My number one priority is to stop myopia progression, which EM methods are on pretty solid scientific ground for.