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Don't ask me for permission to improve articles.
It's a wiki for a reason
Vision improvement has definitely changed my life, and continues to do so as I climb down those diopters. I'm at -4/-3 now, down from -5.5/-5. Vision improvement is for everyone, which is why this wiki exists!
Look at my poor ciliary muscle!!! The sacrifices we make.... ;)

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What it's like having the highest edit count on the wiki

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Last pair of glasses before knowing about EM
Left Right
Sphere -5.00 -5.50
Cylinder -0.50 -0.50
Axis 175 180
No for sure though, eventually I'll run out of backend to configure and I'll have to write real content that might help people.

Until then I'll make silly memes on my userpage that no-one will see, fix typos in Module namespace and write all of the Joke articles!!!

This is my favourite diff so far