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I'd been trying to find some method that would get my eyesight back to normal for the past week, and nothing seemed to be working. Everytime I typed in ' how to get better eyesight' or something of the sort on the web, eye exercises and fruits popped up. This sudden search for my original eyesight came from a mental breakdown(Covid nineteen. Ring any bells?) on the 19th of january, 2021, the third in a series, that made me search up my optometrition's prescription. Needless to say, I was relieved when it said 2.50 in each eye, with a little bit of Cyl, but still wanted desperatelyto be able to walk around without the pesky things dropping down my nose and making me seem( which I know is absolutely NOT true, but still something many people assume the second they see a four eyed person) a nerd. So, after finding nothing on the web for at least 7-8 days, I didn't think there was a way, and one night, I just started to cry. Laying in bed, my mind wandered to what someone would say in a blog/journal if they did get rid of their glasses. Being a writing enthusiast, these kinds of questions very often pop into my head. So the very next day, I attempted to type out ' How I achieved perfect 20/20 vision and fixed my eyes' ( or something like that) into Google. And lo and behold, stories pop up. The first blog I viewed was this one-


He talked about Hormesis and AF, but I didn't feel that this was good enough, because there were no people/scientific methdos in his blog post. And frankly, I was to impatient to listen to Todd's Video on reducing prescriptions. So I tried out different links, posts, blogs, until I found one where someone reduced a really high myopic number( I can honestly not find the post or the person now). He mentioned a guy named jake, and told his story of how supportive the 'group' and 'forum/community' was, in addition to adding the link to end myopia.

I started the 7 day guide, stopped wearing glasses for close up work, and started doing everything else the blog recommended. The podcasts helped a LOT. So now, since I'm only in this one month till now, with little to No AF, but other improvements like doing less screen time and doing close up in natural light, I'll update with any reduction in prescription I have. Thanx and bye:)