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Drafts are for chumps. Draft articles are discouraged, as much as possible.

Reasons for the policy

The reason articles should be pushed out into mainspace as soon as possible is simply to get more eyeballs (pardon the pun) on it as soon as possible. The more editors that can see the publicly visible article, the better!

Articles in draftspace are harder to identify as needing work, and editors also may be more reluctant to edit them.

Finally, by pushing rubbish stubs/half-finished articles out of the door instead of cooking them until they're perfect, the half-finished stuff still may be of a lot of use to some people, more than you think. Let them get their hands on the beta version of the article for now, and we'll polish it up later in post. Marking them as {{under_construction}} will make it easy to find them (via spooky magic).

Ignore rules

If you want, make an article in 'Draft:' space anyway. Then move the page.