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==Follow the Guide==
All the same steps for adults apply to children, although you may have to be creative about motivating kids. They might not want to "active focus" but they may enjoy birdwatching, or painting distant objects, they may enjoy the "I spy" gamesome activities and games. Your little bookworm may enjoy audio books and podcasts to keep their brains busy while swinging on the hammock. You know your child best and how to redirect them. Read the guide for adults and kids: [[Guide:Start your improvement here]]. ===Distance Vision Activity Suggestions for Children===* Outdoor sports* Stargazing* Cloud gazing* Model rockets* Paper airplane flying* Bird Watching (place bird feeder at least 20 feet from the window if doing this from inside. Outdoors is better.)* Hiking* Picnics (This doesn't have to be fancy, lunch on the balcony gives plenty of opportunity to look around at distant objects while eating.)* Playgrounds* Line dancing* "[ I Spy]"* Painting Scenery and distant objects* Podcasts in the hammock/on the balcony (Use a limited function device so this doesn't become screen time.)* Archery
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