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# Get slightly reduced glasses for other times when you don't need perfect vision. We call these [[Normalized]]. They give a slight blur challenge at a distance. Because glasses are generally rounded off to the nearest quarter diopter, full strength lenses are likely to be slightly over prescribed even if your doctor follows the best practices and procedures of his profession. A quarter diopter low would put your distance to blur at 4m, or about 13 feet, and allow your [[Ciliary muscle]] to relax when viewing at that distance and beyond. <ref>[ 20/50 Rule For Improving Eyesight]</ref>
# Find Active Focus, a way of getting your eyes to see slightly further than their normal distance to blur. [[Guide:How_to_find_Active_Focus|Guide: How to find Active Focus]] <ref>[ There is a category of blog posts about Active Focus here.]</ref>
# When you're ready, do your first [[Reduction]]<ref>[ Reduce Normalized Diopters]</ref>
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