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==Time to Learn==
[[File:Cute cat with glasses and tie reading laptop.gif|right]]
Experience has shown many times that without adequate knowledge of the process, people are really unlikely to make any improvements in their eyesight. There is always more to learn about vision improvement, and you should not be afraid to spend significant amounts of time reading the resources already available to you. Arm yourself with knowledge to deal with any bumps in the road that come your way. The community won't answer your medical questions or diopter specific questions, take medical questions to your doctor, and do your own work to understand your specific diopter needs.
# Get the [[seven day free email guide]] - This is a must, if you ask a question in the community that's answered in this guide, your thread will quite possibly be closed by a moderator.
==Keep Learning==
[[File:Cute cat with glasses and tie reading laptop.gif|right]]
This page is just the entrance to the rabbit hole. Keep referring to the learning resources above even after you've made your first successful reductions.

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