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<noinclude>__NOTOC__<!--************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** This template is among the most visible to new Wikipedians and the rest of the web. ******** ******** A great amount of community effort and discussion has been ******** spent in arriving at the current version of this template. ******** ******** Please do not make major changes (like adding new links) ******** without first achieving a consensus on the talk page. ******** ******** Please use {{subst:Welcome}} when using this template. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************---></noinclude>{{safesubst:<noinclude />#ifeq:{{safesubst:<noinclude />Yesno|{{{heading|y}}}|yes=true}}|true|== {{{headtext|Welcometo EndMyopia Wiki!}}} 👓==|{{{headtext|}}name}}}, welcome to EndMyopia Wiki.
{{safesubst:<noinclude />#ifeq:{{{cookie}}}|y|[[File:Chocolate chip cookies.jpg|thumb|HereWe hope you'll have a good time here, enjoy some cookies! [[File:Face-smilewriting about eyeballs 🧾👀.svg|20px|link=]]]]}}Hi <noinclude>Example</noinclude><includeonly>{{safesubst:<noinclude />BASEPAGENAME}}</includeonly>! I {{safesubst:<noinclude />#ifeq:{{safesubst:<noinclude />Yesno|{{{newuser|no}}}}}|yes|would like Every article is important to|noticed empower [[Special:Contributions/<noinclude>Example</noinclude><includeonly>{{safesubst:<noinclude />BASEPAGENAME}}</includeonly>|your contributionsmyopes]] {{safesubst:<noinclude />#if:{{{art|}}}|to [[:{{{art}}}]]&#32;}}and wanted to}} welcome you to the Wikipedia community{{safesubst:<noinclude />#ifeq:{{str rightmost|{{{art}}}|1}}|.||.}} I hope you like it here and decide to stayimprove their eyesight.
As The objective of EndMyopia Wiki is to build '''the best vision improvement encyclopedia possible'''. Please write articles of interest to you get started. EndMyopia recieves a lot more [[EM:user traffic]] than you might think, and on [[EM:social media]] the community recieves plenty of questions about vision improvement, particularly in the Facebook group and in YouTube comments every day. If you may find this short tutorial helpful:can help write articles that address these common questions, you will be helping a lot of people! 🤠
{{Clickable button 2|Please read the following before editing:*[[Help:Introduction|Learn more about editing|class=mw-ui-progressive|style=margin-leftHow to contribute]] if you are unsure how to edit wiki articles*[[EM: 1Policies]] for information on how articles should be written.6em;}}
Alternatively, the [[Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia|contributing to Wikipedia]] page covers the same topics. If you have any questionsabout editing the wiki, we have you will likely get a friendly space where experienced editors can help you here: fast response from the [{{Clickable button 2|Wikipedia:Teahouse|Get help at the Teahouse|style=margin-left: 1.6em;discord}} Discord server]. If you there are not sure where to help outany suggestions for improvement, you can find a task here: {{Clickable button 2|Wikipedia:Task Center|Volunteer at the Task Center|style=margin-left: 1.6em;}} Please remember to sign your messages on [[HelpUser talk:Talk pagesNottNott|talk pageplease contact NottNott]]s by typing four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>); this will automatically insert your username and the date{{{CustomEnd|Happy editing!}}} <!-- Template:Welcome--><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>📚

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