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We hope you'll have a good time here, writing about eyeballs 🧾👀. Every article is important to empower [[myopes]] to improve their eyesight.
The objective of EndMyopia Wiki is to build '''the best vision improvement encyclopedia possible'''. Please write articles of interest to you. EndMyopia recieves a lot more [[EM:user traffic|user traffic]] than you might think, and on [[EM:social media|social media]] the community recieves plenty of questions about vision improvement, particularly in the Facebook group and in YouTube comments every day. If you can help write articles that address these common questions, you will be helping a lot of people! 🤠
Please read the following before editing:
*[[Help:How to contribute]] if you are unsure how to edit wiki articles
*[[EM:Policies]] for imporant information on how the way articles should be are
If you have any questions about editing the wiki, you will likely get a fast response from the [{{discord}} Discord server]. If there are any suggestions for improvement, [[User talk:NottNott|please contact NottNott]]. Happy editing! 📚

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