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# [[Special:LonelyPages]] ideally would be empty.
# [[Special:WantedPages]] should be minimized. This page will naturally grow as we add content, and is ripe grounds for contributors to pick something that needs researching or cross-linking.
#We need LOADS of redirects. Redirects redirect one term (e.g. 'Bates method') to another ('Bates '''M'''ethod'). To make a redirect, type <code>#REDIRECT <nowiki>[[ArticleName]]</nowiki></code> as the ENTIRE article, or use the 'create redirect' tool (last in the tools section in the left panel, at time of writing). -#*I think it's probably better to add a new redirect link for a term, rather than use the <nowiki>[[wikiword|description]]</nowiki> syntax to have ''description'' link to ''wikiword'' on the fly. That way, if a page for ''description'' does get created later, we don't have to go back to find places where that same phrase was sent to a different page (which would be confusing). Though it wouldn't matter for the case above where they differ only in case. [[User:Divenal|Divenal]] ([[User talk:Divenal|talk]]) 09:24, 2 June 2020 (UTC)


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