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How I found EndMyopia - super duper by chance :(

I was browsing reddit with my OD/OS -5.50/-5.00 glasses. I glanced at a link for half a second.

That link was a really long-form writing thing, like a paragraph. I don't remember what it was about.

Within that long-form writing thing, was a link to a website, https://www.defetter.com/.

I proceeded to read the entire article about internet addiction, completely engrossed.

At the bottom of the page was an 'about the author' button. I had just read an entire article that discourages people from clicking on random internet links. Quite literally I thought, "this link probably won't change my life".

The about this author button had nothing to do with vision improvement at all, it was just another link of many that I've clicked on in my life, nothing impressive. Still though, for some reason it came my most considered link click ever, considering I just read that article. I must've paused for like fifteen seconds before clicking that link, cannot say I've done that for a link before or since that moment.

Took me to the author's page of Andrew Backhouse. On that page was a link to Lose The Glasses, which explains a model of myopia reduction.

I went onto https://losetheglasses.org/

At the bottom I found a link to http://www.endmyopia.org/, just before the author goes onto trash Jake.

Ta-da. Blown away at the thought this was even possible.

Initial experiences

Within the first day I was already using google search tricks to shortcut waiting for the 7 day email guide, and I found all the pages that I needed right there and then. I had found EndMyopia on 10 May 2019, I made my forum account 11 May 2019 and introduced myself then. I was PUMPED.

Made a YouTube channel, began reducing really quickly like an idiot. A lot of my earlier videos are sensationalist, because I was going through some serious blur adaptation.

All the forum posts are still there from this time too Face-smile.svg


Currently at OD/OS -3.75/-2.75, down from OD/OS -5.50/-5.00. Backed up by an autorefractor, and hopefully by an optician soon once Covid-19 eases up and I can get my eyes checked out.

Definitely life-changing stuff :D

-NottNott (talk) 19:59, 20 June 2020 (UTC)