Lens Complexity

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A simple pair of glasses has spherical lenses of similar power. If one eye is weaker than the other, or you have astigmatism, lenses to compensate for that are more complex. EM recommends[2][3] that you start with small and even spherical reductions first, then after you've accomplished a few of those, then work on reducing complexity. Guide:Reducing lens complexity


There three major components in the lens complxity.[2]

Dipoter Ratio

The difference between your left eye and right eye spherical correction. EM recommends that you start reducing the dipter ratio only you have done with astigmatism.[2]

Astigmatism Correction

You may reduce your close-up astigmatism correction first, then work on reducing your astigmatism for distance.

Astigmatism Correction Difference

The difference between your left eye and right eye cylinder correction.