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Looking for how to contribute?

Here at EndMyopia Wiki, we have plenty of policies for you to immerse yourself in. You're excited, right!?

No medical advice - a policy with legal considerations

Legal:No medical advice

EndMyopia Wiki does not give medical advice, and no article should be written in a way that can be construed as medical advice. We see myopia as a refractive state, but real eye conditions should always be checked out by a licensed medical practicioner. Talking about how myopia affects the risk factors for eye diseases is okay - claiming EndMyopia is in any way a cure for eye disease (which it isn't) will be reverted on sight, regardless of the namespace and how public the writing is intended to be.

The copyrighted material policy


You can use content from any EM resources, except stuff that's supposed to be kept hidden to encourage people to contribute. You can upload memes and materieal covered under fair use for educational purposes and criticism. Note that all content created remains the copyright property of endmyopia.

Please don't copy and paste loads of content from other websites.

Ignoring policy policies

Ignore all rules

If you see a way that can be done better through ignoring a rule, go for it. Policies are written for a reason, so this is not a blank check to start doing whatever you want. However, first and foremost the message is that you can contribute without knowing all the rules at first. Don't be surprised if your edits get reverted if you violate some of the more important rules.

Write the rules yourself

Please do not be afraid to edit policy articles to clarify how policies should work for the rest of the site. You can also create your own policies. The edits that are kept and the edits that are dropped will depend on community consensus. Feel free to add funny images to policy articles as well.


Change on the wiki is driven through community-driven consensus, not top-down impositions from a 'cabal of editors'.

Article policies

Be respectful

We might all be somewhat annoyed at how the optometry industry has treated our delicate eyeballs. With that said, there should not be frothy hate pieces about the optometry industry found in mainspace articles. This stuff is alienating to new readers, and genuine optometrists who might be willing to consider what we talk about here will totally be put off.
No articles about specific Bates method teachers, please. There are too many, and their methods are all relatively the same. We'll also get loads of angry messages, and they'll palm us to death! :(
For people promoting things aside from the Bates method, comment on the method and not the creator. Give a fair and objective analysis of what's good and bad about a given method, no ad hominem attacks.

Our point of view

EndMyopia Wiki is written from our point of view.
Articles about things that generally don't work, like Ayurveda and Bates method, are welcome. These articles should have an objective analysis of what works about them and what doesn't. However, it's easy to see advocates of these methods maliciously trying to edit articles to promote how they think things should be. This is the EndMyopia Wiki, so at the end of the day content promoting other vision improvement methods are much better placed on their own sphere. The wiki is not obligated to have articles promoting other vision improvement methods on it.

Mandatory fun

Articles should be written in a light and upbeat tone with somewhat funny jokes. Humour should be genuinely funny and not just stupid.

Optometry degrees optional

Readers shouldn't be reading the 'How to Start' article, and halfway through the article they are bombarded with a ridiculously complicated cross-referenced analysis of axial elongation diagrams and statistics with P-values. No. Technical content is more than welcome on EndMyopia Wiki, but articles designed for normal people should be kept that way - and technical content should be segmented in their own area for readers who are up for it.
Citations to clinical studies, on the other hand, are encouraged all over the wiki. These look similar to how they look on Wikipedia.

Drafts are for chumps

Please don't use the 'Draft:' namespace wherever possible. Push articles out into the mainspace, get more eyeballs on the content so everyone can contribute and people can enjoy what you've already written. Everyone wins!

No ownership

Nobody 'owns' articles. Just because you're the main contributor to an article, you are not immune to consensus about how the article should be developed from there.

Subjects of articles

EndMyopia:Not a web host

We're not a free web host, don't use us to host loads of material irrelevant to vision improvement.


You can write about what you like in the Writing namespace, it's meant for opinions and not an 'official EndMyopia view' on things. Please no massively negative writings written in bad faith.

Manual of Style

See the Manual of Style for information on the style articles should be written in.

Behavioural guidelines

Be bold

Make the edits you think will improve the wiki. Don't tell other people to do it, if it's genuinely faster and easier to do it yourself. Some edits that you make may be slightly controversial, but go for it!

Assume good faith

Editors should assume good faith in all interactions while editing the wiki. The vast majority of editors are here to improve the project, not harm it, this should be reflected in all interactions with fellow editors, and disputes should be avoided wherever possible.

Here to build a vision improvement encyclopedia

People who contribute are here to build a vision improvement encyclopedia. Emphasis on vision improvement, not eye exercises. Don't vandalise the wiki if you have a different opinion about vision improvement, contribute what you can and just remember we're horribly biased :D