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EndMyopia Wiki is written from our point of view. That means we think we're the best.

There are big checks and balances on thinking we're the best, however. It is not a position that the community comes to lightly, and there is plenty of internal debate over what is important and what is not important when it comes to vision improvement. With that said, there are quite a few things everyone 'under the banner of EM' has managed to agree on. Here are some examples:

Eye exercises are largely ineffectual and a waste of time. The Bates method was very good for its time, and William Bates had some very good ideas about vision biology. The Bates method could be very good for relaxing the eyes.
However the method as it exists does not treat the root cause of myopia as it exists in the majority of people today - which is axial elongation caused by lens-induced myopia, as documented in clinical studies.
Ayurveda, healing crystals and other natural healing methods have little basis in science and our view is that they should be given little credibility.
This stuff is great at making people feel really good about themselves, which is not a bad thing. However, it is next to worthless for actually fixing the root cause of your myopia. How many people who practice this stuff get real, confirmed improvement in eye tests from licensed optometrists? We're sure they feel AMAZING however Face-smile.svg


We don't want to promote content that we genuinely think is not worth hosting. You can find objective assessment of other vision improvement methods we know to be less effective on here, and the article will cover the good and bad of them. What you won't find, are long love letters about how magic healing crystals will improve your eyesight. Because they won't, as much as we wish they would....

Would you expect to go to a Bates method website and see loads of positive stuff about EndMyopia? We wouldn't have thought so!

What this policy doesn't mean

It does not mean that people should not investigate how eyesight works, as there is still plenty to learn about and discuss. There may be some gaps in our knowledge, but EndMyopia definitely has covered nearly anything most people should need to practically reverse their lens-induced myopia, evidenced by countless improvement reports. With that said, questioning is always a good idea, for anyone. Critical thinking is important, and you shouldn't blindly believe things you read on the internet.

We hope you apply some good investigative insight, read information from many different sources about vision improvement, and come to your own conclusions about what is the best thing to do for your eyesight.