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Below you can find many third party clinical studies on the progression of myopia and how myopia may be reversed.

Causes of Myopia

Lens induced myopia (LIM) & axial length change in humans

Lens induced myopia (LIM) & axial length change in animals

Nearwork-Induced Transient Myopia (NITM) & Nearwork Causing Permanent Myopia (PM)

Reversing Myopia

Outdoor time & distance vision

Using reduced or no lenses (myopic defocus)

Active Focus (accomodative training or accomodative facility training)


A good resource for information about LASIK:


From the blog

These are blog articles on EndMyopia about clinical studies, but not clinical studies themselves. You may find them interesting. Also see the science category.

From the forum

Here are papers people have mentioned on the forum:

From Discord or the wiki