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All readers should look like this, 24/7.

Mandatory fun. Articles should be written in a light and comical tone where possible, not in a forced way.

This is best suited to practical and hands-on articles. There's no need for a super dry and formal style. Include funny images and jokes in your article in a balanced way!

Reasons for the policy

Information is not fun to consume. Good quips and gags lead to better outcomes for everyone.

Readers want to have fun reading the wiki, and read more if it's more fun, which means better eyeballs.

Editors want to have fun writing the wiki.

How to implement mandatory fun

Visual gags

Upload memes and see if they fit well into the article.

Be funny, and not just stupid

Is the joke you're going to add genuinely funny, or just stupid? Hopefully it has the potential to get some kind of amusement out of either readers or editors. If it's just lowbrow humour with no comedic element, or if it's on the level of a twelve-year-old, it's not funny enough for our exacting high standards and should be removed as soon as possible by someone with a better sense of humour.