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EndMyopia Wiki data structure
Subject namespaces Talk namespaces
0 (Main/Article) Talk 1
2 User User talk 3
4 Endmyopia Endmyopia talk 5
6 File File talk 7
8 MediaWiki MediaWiki talk 9
10 Template Template talk 11
12 Help Help talk 13
14 Category Category talk 15
118 Draft Draft talk 119
500 Moved
828 Module Module talk 829
3000 Guide Guide talk 3001
3002 Writing Writing talk 3003
3004 List List talk 3005
3006 Improvement Improvement talk 3007
3008 Joke Joke talk 3009
3012 Legal Legal talk 3013
3014 Explainer Explainer talk 3015
3016 Review Review talk 3017
3022 Community Community talk 3023
3024 YouTuber YouTuber talk 3025
3026 Quiz Quiz talk 3027
5000 Anonymous Anonymous talk 5001
Currently unused
2300 [[Endmyopia:Gadget|]] 2301
2302 [[Endmyopia:Gadget|]] 2303
-1 Special
-2 Media

A namespace is a set of pages whose names begin with a particular reserved word recognized by the MediaWiki software (followed by a colon). For example, in the user namespace all titles begin with the prefix User:. In the case of the article (or main) namespace, in which articles appear, the reserved word and colon are absent. (Note: main space articles can optionally include a colon at the beginning with no reserved word, so Article and Article are equivalent. This is usually only necessary for the advanced technique of transcluding a main space article into another page.)

Every namespace has an equivalent '... Talk:' namespace along with it. These talkspaces are used for discussion of whatever the namespace is. This is the same for all namespaces.

Content namespaces


This is where the majority of normal articles go. This namespace doesn't have a prefix.


This namespace holds guides on how to do vision improvement.


Articles go here if they explain something, but the title is not a noun or name, and there is no actionable content. An example is Explainer:Why myopia gets worse over time


This namespace can be reached with 'Heresy:' or 'Anarchy:' instead of 'Writing:'. 'Heresy talk:' and 'Anarchy talk:' for the talk pages.'

This namespace is used for Community projects, and for writings people want to put on the wiki, whatever opinion they be of. We'll probably start censoring stuff if too much negativity appears however.


Used to review lens seller establishments, collectively as a community.


This namespace is for individual users to write their own logs about how they are getting on with vision improvement. Because this is a wiki, all logs are public and viewable by anyone. Nice wikiformatting can be used to customise logs to a writer's needs.


These are for Community projects. They are the base page.


Nothing like a bit of self-promotion for whoever wants to do that. This namespace is for people with EM related content on a YouTube channel (or equivalent) to make a cool little promotional page.

See List:YouTubers for where this should mainly be used.


The List namespace is for list-based articles.


The quiz namespace is used for quizzes. See Help:Advanced formatting#Quiz for more information on how to build these (pretty easy)


Lemon by cactus cowboy.svg

ze jokey namespce is 4 complet non senses!! ZOMG NO RULES!!1 Category:Joke articles


The Legal namespace is where anything relevant to legal aspects of the wiki is kept.



User pages are personal pages that are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on EndMyopia Wiki, as well as facilitating interaction and sharing between users. User pages are mainly for interpersonal discussion, notices, testing and drafts (see: Sandboxes), and, if desired, limited autobiographical and personal content.

How boring! You can also put loads of fun stuff here, such as userboxes so editors know more about your personal dealings with myopia and such.


This namespace can be reached with 'EM:' instead of 'EndMyopia:'

This namespace is where all of the policies, and sitewide meta-essays live. Policy editing is encouraged by everyone.


This namespace is for technical aspects of how to edit the wiki. That means no policies, just purely technical information on editing.


This namespace can be reached with 'qwer:' or 'qwfp:' instead of 'Template:'

This namespace holds templates. Templates are referenced with {{templatenamehere}}


This namespace is where files belong.


This namespace collects categories of articles together.


The Special namespace is like no other. Unlike any other namespace, content here is generated 100% dynamically. Special pages are used to perform special functions, such as Special:PrefixIndex to find pages that begin with a certain prefix, or admin pages Special:ReplaceText to replace text that matches a certain phrase on the wiki in all articles. Anyone can always find special pages in the sidebar, to the left.


This namespace is for articles that will be moved into mainspace in the future. The wiki's general policy is to discourage draft articles as much as possible, and to make sure everything is in mainspace so that everyone can develop articles together, and whatever is already written may be of use to readers for the time being.

See EndMyopia:Drafts are for chumps


This namespace can be reached with 'Anon:' instead of 'Anonymous:'. 'Anon talk:' for the talk pages.'

The Anonymous and Anonymous talk namespaces are the only namespaces IP users can edit. They are used for EM:Wiki Feedback, centralising feedback about the wiki from readers.

Namespaces that are relevant to the least people


This namespace can be reached with 'asdf:' or 'arst:' instead of 'MediaWiki:'

This namespace holds configuration settings for MediaWiki, the software that the wiki runs on.


This namespace can be reached with 'zxcv:' instead of 'Module:'

This namespace holds configuration options for modules that will run on the wiki.


This is an extension namespace that may be implemented for video files to be played in the future.


Moved is sets up hard redirect links that can be used as internal wikilinks. They are used for appearance purposes, such as the endmyopia.org footer, or the lead section of the website. It's only used for really frequently linked to stuff.

Extension:ExternalRedirect is used for this purpose.