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Writings are about anything the author decides, as long as it's somewhat relevant to vision improvement. Community projects make use of them. They are an area where people are encouraged to write their own opinion, for all to see Face-smile.svg


Writings help give that 'personal flavour' to readers, who can see the experiences of actual people going through the process for themselves, written onto a page.

It's important that people don't think EndMyopians are some kind of monolith under a cult leader. Because, well, they're not. Different opinions about how to improve vision are very common in all avenues of discussion in EM, and these should be heard loud and clear, published for all to see, so that people can come to their own conclusions.

The reasons that these different opinions have their own namespace and aren't encouraged in mainspace articles is because EndMyopia is about what works for the majority of people. The practices and methods outlined in the main articles are based on the experiences of the EndMyopia community as a whole, in particular Jake's large experience in dealing with myopia reversal from many different people, years of seeing what works and what doesn't, and tweaking the method as appropriate based off these experiences. Main articles are based on what works for the majority of people looking to reverse their myopia.

No massively detracting writings

With that said, we obviously do not want to host massively negative pieces about EndMyopia. We're under no obligation to host frothy hate-filled pieces written in bad faith.

Don't make a writing if you:

  • Think the whole vision improvement thing is fake and we're all a bunch of scam artist, placebo loving, anti-vaxxers
  • Think EndMyopia is total trash and that the Bates method or some other method is a million times better, and everyone needs to know how wrong EM is

You need to go to your own platform for these. We'll just censor writings like this and kick you out 718smiley.svg