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Wiki dumps will be available when the wiki upgrades to MediaWiki 1.35, likely in August 2020 whenever the wiki decides to upgrade to 1.35, which may be ages, as a dependency of the extension we want to use.

We do not want to be the single point of failure when it comes to the information hosted on the wiki. We largely believe the wiki will remain online at this domain for the foreseeable future and see no reason at all for that to change in the future. With that said, wiki dumps of the entire contents of the database are available to avoid the information becoming lost forever in the unlikely event it has to be taken down for whatever reason. It's prudence!

Please feel free to use wiki dumps however you see fit, as long as your bear the terms of the licensing in mind Face-smile.svg

A reiteration of CC BY-SA 4.0 (the wiki license)

When using the wiki dump in any way, please bear in mind the licensing of the contents of the wiki.

In particular, please do not suggest that EndMyopia endorses your particular use of the material in any way. Do not adapt the material and then suggest we endorse your interpretation of the original material.