Endmyopia:Revision deletion policy

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Administrators can delete revisions of pages visible to the public. This is good to do in specific, limited circumstances.


In the case of libellous and hateful stuff added about a third party to this wiki, by keeping the history revision public we are a host to that libellous material. This can go onto cause problems if it's public - so be proactive and take it out.

In the case of personal information added, we do not want to be a public and permanent host to personal information added. Nearly all personal information added to articles are in malice, or by someone too young to know any better. Probably quite rare, but could still happen.

All of this is to reduce liabilites to EndMyopia, and make sure we're protecting privacy or something.

How to do it

Go to any history page, and check boxes next to the revisions you want to hide. Then click 'Change visibility of selected revisions'.

You can choose to hide:

  • Revision text, the text of the article after the edits took place
  • Edit summaries
  • Editor's name/IP address

That's it. More than ever, please do this when necessary. Face-smile.svg

When not to do this

Literally for any other situation. History of pages should be as open as possible, so people can see how vision improvement articles were built over time.

Feel free to ignore rules and hide revisions anyway if you feel that's necessary.