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Our little slice of bureaucracy! If you need user permissions to do something, you should contact NottNott, permissions are no big deal. If he's been assassinated by Luxottica and hasn't responded, then you can try Laurens or Jake.

To see detailed user permissions, go to Special:ListGroupRights.

IP users

{{#ifanon:Hey! Why haven't you made an account yet?|}} IP users can read all articles on the wiki freely, but they cannot edit. More of a user 'unaccess' group Face-wink.svg


{{#ifingroup:user|You are in this group|}} Users

Users are anyone with an account. They can edit pages freely, save for a few protected articles.


{{#ifingroup:autoconfirmed|You are in this group|}}

Autoconfirmed users have made 10 edits and have an account that is 4 days old. They can move pages.


{{#ifingroup:sysop|You are in this group|}} Users

This makes it look like some kind of secret police...

Becoming an admin is easy, we hand it out like free candy here.

See EM:Admin guide for more information about what admins can do. The main things are blocking disruptive users, protecting pages and deleting pages.

Interface administrators

{{#ifingroup:interface-admin|You are in this group|}} Users

Interface administrators can edit files related to how the wiki displays itself, such as css files and Javascript.


{{#ifingroup:nuker|You are in this group|}} Users

Nukers can mass delete pages.


{{#ifingroup:bureaucrat|You are in this group|}} Users

Bureaucrats have unrestricted access and can do anything. Technically the group itself does not give unrestricted access, but bureaucrats can assign all user groups which grant access as needed, to themselves and others.



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