Unicorn Farming

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Unicorn Farming is the not-so-affectionate term used to describe vision improvement activities that more or less don't work, or at least don't work very effectively. The number of people practicing these activities may be high, and many have more users than EndMyopia.

People may report improvements doing the methods below, and some of them could be genuine. This could happen whenever the person coincidentally does an activity to induce myopic defocus and reduce the length of the eye. Other times, peoples' overriding belief that these activities work, and the placebo effect lets people think they work when they haven't changed the eye much. Other times still it's blur adaptation that causes a perceived improvement in eyesight.

We invite you to try them for yourself if you don't think EndMyopia is the 'correct' way of vision improvement. Many have tried them in the past and have came away disappointed, unfortunately. A lot of these methods focuses on practical things that feel as if they should work, but in reality do nothing to address the underlying biology behind the axial length of the eyeball, and reducing it. They're easy to market and feel good from though! ;)

Eye exercises

Spiritual stuff

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