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  • ==Speed of improvement== ...nce vision. See [[Explainer:The Eyesight Improvement Equation|The Eyesight Improvement Equation]].
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  • '''Myopia is Mental''' is a vision improvement method created by Mark Warren. ...reduced or no correction.]). Emphasizes [[clear flashes]] as a signal for improvement, which may be hard to reproduce consistently across various individuals. It
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  • ...once distant images are again focused on the retina (emmetropia), both the rate of ocular elongation and the choroid thickness return to normal. ...ward the image plane. It compensates for negative lenses by increasing the rate of elongation and thinning the choroid, pulling the retina back toward the
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  •! This means [[Explainer:Why early gains are so fast|your early rate of improvement will be staggeringly high]], before it slows and you enter the long game of ...correction you were using before EndMyopia. In the early stages of vision improvement, your goal will be to find [[Active Focus]], and correcting your distance v
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