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You will be more aware of how your personal eyesight works than you were before. KEEP THIS IN MIND if you are prone to anxiety.

Speed of improvement

How fast can I improve my eyesight?

Blog post: How Fast Can I Improve My Vision?

My eyesight is improving slowly. Can I speed it up?

You can always get more distance vision. See The Eyesight Improvement Equation.

It's no big deal if your eyesight is improving slowly however. It's expected this takes a long time in most cases.

Why is one eye improving more slowly than the other?

See ocular dominance.

Why do some improve faster than others?

We're not sure if there's a link between age and rate of improvement. There are also genetic factors associated with how quickly the axial length of the eye changes in response to stimulus.

Blog post: Pro Topic: Correlation Of Close-Up Strain & Improvement Rate

Psychological State

See EM_Psychological_State.