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Check out LASIK Complications (.com) for plenty of great information about how LASIK isn't really what you want.

Does LASIK fix myopia?

For a lot of people it does. It doesn't affect the underlying reason for myopia, which is axial elongation of they eyeball. LASIK cuts into your cornea, changing its refractive state.

An analogy would be permanently etching glasses into your eyes. Because glasses are the cause of your myopia, in the same vein a lot of LASIK 'patients' will have their myopia corrected, only for it to regress later in life. It's not a permanent solution for a lot of people. When the myopia comes back for these people, surgeons are all too keen to offer 'touch up surgeries', which increases your chances for retinal detachment and other eye conditions by a new order of magnitude each time a 'touch up' is performed (as if the initial risk wasn't bad enough).


Is laser eye surgery safe?

No. Some people have a really good experience, othes people are left with debilitating eye conditions that are left with them for the rest of the life. Many of them have to take numbing eye drops to numb the pain.

It's a pretty big risk if you value your eyesight.

EndMyopia and LASIK

Had LASIK, myopia got worse again. Can I reverse it?

See LASIK. People have been able to reverse their myopia after having LASIK.

See this blog post