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Buying glasses

Where should I buy glasses online?

See Category:Lens seller.

Blog post: Where Is The Best Place To Buy Glasses Online?

How do I measure pupillary distance?

Zenni Optical has a great article on this. Find that here

Are polycarbonate lenses bad for your eyes?

The fact that they are polycarbonate makes no difference to your eyes.

Blog post: Polycarbonate Lenses – Bad For Your Eyes?

Why can't I purchase glasses without a prescription?

Because the industry doesn't want you to have control or understanding about anything that's happening to your eyes.

Blog post: Do. Not. Measure. Your. Eyesight.

How do I read my prescription?

See the Wiki guide to reading glasses prescriptions

How do I measure my PD? (pupillary distance)

Blog post: Headaches & Fatigue: Measure Your Pupillary Distance (PD)

Why are my glasses giving me a headache?

When myopia increases, people's headaches tend to get worse. This is largely due to the shrinking field of view higher diopter correction gives. There's a huge amount of variation in general in this area. It's safe to say though, the higher your diopters, the worse the headaches.

My glasses are too thick and heavy, what do do?

You probably have high or severe myopia. See the severe myopia page for guidance on selecting lighter-weight glasses.

Test lens kits

Do I need a test lens kit?

No, generally you don't need a test lens kit. It may be helpful if your myopia is particularly complicated. Most people don't buy a test lens kit and do fine.

How do you use a test lens kit?

Trial test lens kit.jpg

You insert the lenses from the kit into the really dorky-looking glasses. This way you can test different lenses and how they work.

You can find optometrist approved guides on how to use a test lens kit here.

Where can I buy an optometrist test lens kit?

Plus lenses

How do plus lenses work?

Plus lenses make you more short-sighted, not less. They are for the most part useless when it comes to improving myopia.

Should I use plus lenses to improve eyesight?


What should I reduce to?

See Guide:Reducing your correction.

Is it ok to use several different diopter glasses?

Generally, you want one pair of normalized, and one pair of differentials. You can wear more correction when doing important things such as driving at night - very important to do this safely.

Should I stop wearing glasses?

No, unless you have low myopia. See Explainer:Should I stop wearing glasses?

I have low myopia. Can I stop wearing my glasses?

If you have below 2 diopters of myopia, you can definitely look at not wearing glasses any more.

Blog post: Low Myopia: When Can I Stop Wearing Glasses?

Contact lenses

Should I use glasses or contact lenses for close-up?

You can wear contact lenses with plus lenses to achieve the same effect as a pair of differentials. It's generally preferable to wear glasses in general, but people have managed to improve their eyesight with contact lenses.

How do I calculate math related to optics?

See optics related math for more information.

Can you get better than 20/20 vision?

Is it OK to use several different diopter glasses?

Blog post: Q&A: Too Many Focal Plane Changes + What’s This Double Vision?

How do I reduce prescription complexity?

See also

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