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Does 20/20 mean perfect eyesight?

In most cases, an optometrist will prescribe glasses for 20/20 vision. Optometrists are not perfectly accurate in many aspects (718smiley.svg), and so you might actually have a small amount of myopia or hyperopia in reality. In a lot of cases, 20/20 does mean perfect eyesight. It means you can read the 20/20 line on a Snellen chart without using Active Focus.

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What is axial elongation?

Axial elongation is the increase in length of the eyeball. It happens when you wear glasses and look at screens for extended periods of time. Specifically, it happens due to hyperopic defocus as a result of close work combined with glasses that are overprescribed for the focal distance in question.

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Homeostasis of Eye Growth and the Question of Myopia

How do I tell if I see blurry because of axial elongation?

Blog post: Pro Topic: Ciliary Spasm Blur Vs. Axial Elongation Blur

How do I calculate all the diopter & optics maths?

See optics related math.

What is pseudomyopia?

Pseudomyopia is where the ciliary muscle locks up due to prolonged periods of close up, typically spent in front of a monitor. Pseudomyopia is typically the condition people have when they first go to the optometrist to get a pair of glasses. That pair of glasses goes onto cause lens-induced myopia.

Wikipedia article on pseudomyopia

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Does computer work cause pseudomyopia?

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Why is my eyesight worse indoors or in low light?

See this blog post

Causes of myopia

Does computer work cause myopia?

When you combine prolonged periods of computer work with a pair of distance vision glasses, that correct you more than what you need to see the screen, yes.

Does neglected peripheral vision cause myopia?

No. It's not clear how someone can 'neglect' their peripheral vision, as it's always there.

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Is myopia genetic/hereditary?

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No, in the majority of cases. The majority of myopia is lens-induced in the world. Question why Wikipedia:natural selection has failed so terribly it's resulted in eye defects in huge swathes of the population, two billion in the world.

The Ministry of Healh in Singapore says: "The prevalence of myopia in Singapore is among the highest in the world, with 65 percent of our children being myopic by Primary 6, and 83 percent of young adults being myopic."/ [1] How did their ancestors survive to lead to the current generation if myopia is generally so disadvantageous to an organism's survival?

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Is infant myopia normal?

Most children are born hyperopic or myopic. Over the first few years, their eyes grow to be approximately emmetropic, with least variability at about 6 years of age.

Do glasses make my eyes worse?

Yes, when the glasses are for distance and you perform excessive periods of close-up activity.

What is form deprivation myopia?

Search for 'form deprivation' in this study:

Potential solutions to myopia

Does outdoor time reduce myopia?

Yes, when combined with a good pair of normalized, Active Focus and your other habits are corrected. It's not that complicated, see The Eyesight Improvement Equation

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Can fasting improve my eyesight?

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