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Is EndMyopia a money making scheme?

EndMyopia is not a money making scheme, despite what a lot of people seem to think. The way EndMyopia goes about vision improvement money making is pretty terrible, if that's what we're talking about. Expenditure is relatively high and is a net loss for Jake, as we try to get the word out there. BackTo20/20 exists in part just to fund the high costs of keeping everything running.

If EndMyopia wanted to make more money, the way we preach that results are slow and take a long time should be the first to go - we should tell everyone they'll get FAST results. Also, no information for free, no free wiki or YouTube tutorials, just "trust me!" and big "Buy Now" button. This isn't the case, because EndMyopia is not a money making scheme. This entire wiki was created from the ground up by non-paid volunteers, and Jake rarely if ever edits doesn't edit. That amount of dedication is hard to come by for free on the internet, for something that doesn't work.

But hey - Bates method guys are pretty dedicated too. What do we know? 🤔

See this blog post for information about why, paid stuff might not be all that bad

Does Jake invest in lens manufacturing companies?


Are the bad reviews being hidden?

The TrustPilot page is pretty impressive with mostly positive feedback.

Blog post: Endmyopia: All The Bad Reviews O_0

Here's a bad review of plus lens therapy

There's people who did EM and also regressed.

Is it really possible to fix myopia?

If you listen to us, the answer is an unequivocal yes. In the vast majority of cases, myopia is a completely reversible condition of the eye. Myopia is lens-induced in most cases as a result of questionable optometry practices. Ever question how it's predicted half of the human population will have a severe defect (myopia) in their most important sensory organ by 2050? Surely it can't all be genetic...

With that said, we recommend you do thorough research on topics around vision improvement and come to your own conclusion about whether this is all legitimate or not.

Lowering diopters doesn’t improve eyesight?

Tell that to the hundreds of people who have confirmed results with EndMyopia, the endless emails Jake receives in his inbox on a daily basis (had to hire an email manager to go through them all), and the growing number of YouTube channels with testimonials backing up what we say here.

But you're right, this is probably all some scam. A scam where we don't actually try too hard to sell you anything 🤔

Are the EndMyopia testimonials fake?

That's an inordinate amount of money to pay to fake that many reviews. Also add in the cost of 17,000 Facebook members (all of which must be bots), it's just an inordinate sum. How much money do you really think this all makes? Certainly not enough to purchase all of those fake reviews we're afraid 😁

Is this based on clinical science?

Yes. See clinical science.

Is this pseudoscience?

Yes. Much of EndMyopia theory is based on clinical science, but the details of Jake's research on his clients are not publicly shared or published. Jake will be the first to tell you he's not an eye doctor.[1]

Is axial elongation of the eye reversible?

What do doctors think about myopia reversal?

Some optometrists are very supportive. Others are not so much.

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Dr. Carr thinks the way EndMyopia works is actually that we're flattening our lenses. There is apparently a forum conversation with Dr. Carr if you have access to the forum.

==How would I recognise an eyesight scam?==Reddit: Is endmyopia a scam?

A massive "BUY NOW" button is always something to be concerned about. We're very clear about the fact you do not need to purchase anything from us to improve your eyesight. Anything that preaches eye exercises and feel good stuff like healing crystals is also not going to improve your eyesight, but it will make the person who buys these things feel as if they are improving their eyesight.

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Is EndMyopia a cult?

Let's take a look!

The first search result for "What is a cult?" returns this link: . For details on the below bullet points, visit that link and/or some other one from your own search results. A charismatic leader

X Ideological purity > doing your own research and reaching your own conclusions is encouraged

X Conformity and control

Mind-altering practices > Active_Focus

X Isolation and love-bombing

Us-vs-them mentality

X Apocalyptic thinking - however, people with higher myopia are more prone to eye health issues such as retinal detachment

Time and energy - Want to learn how to reverse your myopia? Close work is bad for your eyes! Now spend many hours learning more!

From the article:

  • "Cults often isolate their members from friends and family on the outside, punish doubts or questions, and require inordinate sacrifices and money from followers" - Share what you're learning with your friends and family. Ask questions. Do your own research. Keep getting regular eye health checkups.
  • "a cult is a group of people who fanatically follow one person or belief system while also engaging in a number of dangerous practices." In conclusion, EndMyopia has a lot of the traits of a cult, but unless you think this is dangerous, it's probably not a cult. Or if it is, it's probably harmless so whatever.

"the cardinal rules of not getting cult'd"

Finding and Evaluating Online Health Resources

Here is a detailed article on things to think about when you read about health online.

Where are the negative reviews?

Click here for an incomplete list of negative reviews

What’s the key way to improve my eyesight?

It's pretty simple. Normalized glasses, combined with distance vision and relaxing your ciliary muscle (Active Focus). Also, making sure your screen habits aren't undoing all of that hard work, so use differentials or no glasses for close work, depending on your eyes.

That's it - people seem to overcomplicate this stuff for no reason Face-smile.svg