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I find the free materials confusing, help?

Here's a somewhat comprehensive list of the free resources available:

If you can't find what you need from this, firstly, we're slightly concerned. Secondly, you're welcome to support EndMyopia by purchasing a BackTo20/20 program, which should give you the highest chance for success with improving your vision.

Blog post: 20/20 For Free? Roll Up Your Sleeves!

Is there a free ebook?

There used to be a free ebook, but Jake pulled it down when people spent two minutes reading it and then spammed Jake with questions and requests for free support. So we entered the period of mild obfuscation of some of the details here and there to encourage people to read content and understand this stuff instead of just begging for free support and answers all the time. Then we built a wiki to compensate.

If you would like an offline copy of the wiki to download for your personal use, see EM:Wiki dumps.

What are the steps, Jake! Just give me the steps!

EndMyopia is pretty simple at the end of the day. With that said, there's enough nuance in a lot of the detail to the point where 'just having the steps' will not be sufficient. Since you're squirming in your chair and having body spasms because you want the steps so badly though, we are proud to present 'The Steps:'.

  1. Buy glasses that are 1-2 diopters lower than normal correction, wear these for 4-6 weeks, these are your close-up glasses
  2. Get an eye test after that
  3. Buy glasses 0.25 diopters lower than your eye test result in both eyes, these are your distance glasses
  4. Use your close-up glasses for screens and your distance vision glasses for far away
  5. Try to relax your eyes and see further with both of these glasses. If we were to give this a name we'd call it active focus.
  6. In about 3-4 months you should be ready to reduce your distance vision glasses, eventually you can reduce your close-up glasses too.
  7. Make sure to get loads of dynamic distance vision
  8. ???
  9. 20/20

EndMyopia Wiki wishes you the best of luck by improving only off of that information, and reading absolutely nothing else.

Who completely fixed their vision, back to 20/20 eyesight?

Check out this list of people on the blog for people who got their eyesight back to 20/20 eyesight. It's growing all the time!

Can I make YouTube videos about EndMyopia?

Yes. Furthermore, we encourage you to do so, and you're welcome to put your channel down at List:YouTubers and claim all the free promotion we'll offer you Face-smile.svg

What do doctors think about all this?

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