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Welcome to EndMyopia, the prime place on the internet for regaining your own natural eyesight and reversing your myopia.

Knowledge is really key when it comes to making long-term improvements in your eyesight. You should watch as many of the videos listed below as you can, and comprehensively review the EndMyopia YouTube Channel and the blog throughout your journey.

Starting out

Start Here: Improve your Eyesight

Good resources and articles for newcomers

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Experience has shown many times that without adequate knowledge of the process, people are really unlikely to make any improvements in their eyesight. There is always more to learn about vision improvement, and you should not be afraid to spend significant amounts of time reading the resources already available to you.

The seven day free email guide, EndMyopia YouTube Channel and the blog are invaluable resources for improving your eyesight.

You are likely to make mistakes along this journey: there is trial and error as you perfect the approach taken to improving vision. The basic ideas are really simple to understand, but there is a lot of nuance in how to apply them, and this can take time to understand fully.

Good vision habits to get started with



Active Focus

List:Measurement tools



Consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). They are very extensive and may very well answer your questions. Did you see endmyopia's blog section? Hover over (with your mouse) “Blog and How-to’s” and check the “Eyesight How-To’s” and any other sections relevant to you. Search the blog. Do you know how to search the blog? Hit the 🔍️ in the upper right corner and fill in the relevant search item there.

Here are some search terms to help you get started:

  • “first differentials” and “first normalized”.
  • For astigmatism: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “Astigmatism”, “Cylinder”, “diopter ratio”,
  • Do you have one “weaker/stronger” eye? Search for: “(reducing) prescription complexity”, “dominant eye” and “diopter ratio”.


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