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A Plzbro is someone that doesn't want to do their own research. They just want someone to give them Joke:Tha Stepz and do all the learning and math for them. Plzbros are a dead-weight on the community, asking the same questions over and over, and even if they can find a mentor willing to give them diopter specific advice against community rules, they see less improvement because they don't understand the process.

Don't be a Plzbro, start with Guide:Start your improvement here.

Nobody else can tell you:

  • how far your work is from your face
  • how much blur you're seeing
  • how clearly you need to be able to see your work
  • if you are cylinder dependent
  • if you are ready for your next reduction
  • if you reduced too fast and need to go back
  • if you're spending enough time outside