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Shaking head disapproval.gif
"I have I have -3.25 left eye
-8.25 right eye cyl -1.5 left -2.25 axis 180 49 WHAT DO I DO"
Nothing but disapproval

Why do all of those mean EndMyopia mods insist that you can't ask for diopter specific advice? Face-sad.svg


You haven't read enough

When someone asks for diopter specific advice, it implies that someone hasn't read or listened enough information to effectively improve their vision.

If you read enough material, you should easily be able to answer the question of 'what correction do I need' for yourself, without needing to rely on anyone else's opinion. Their opinion was formed by reading the materials too, you know.

Furthermore, because you have shown you haven't read enough up to this point, even if you have the magical diopter numbers you so desperately crave, you won't go onto make any improvements because you've neglected everything else that is also important.

Everyone's situation is different

Someone who has never had to reduce astigmatism might not give you the best advice for reducing astigmatism. You might suffer from eye strain more than another person does, and this might result in different diopters. You may be reducing more aggressively than other people.

Understanding the materials and going through some trial and error will be very effective for understanding your specific diopter requirements.

It's annoying

When you ask a group of people who are improving their eyesight (through having read the materials), for diopter specific advice, it's annoying.

They're thinking "I did this by myself, what makes you feel entitled to read nothing and get free advice? Even if I gave you diopters to use, you probably wouldn't improve!"

Avoid diopter specific advice

Spongebob human resources threat.gif

For these reasons, you should try and figure out the diopter correction you need yourself using the free materials, instead of asking other people for the numbers you need.

Here's a list of free resources:

If people continue to ask for diopter specific advice after being warned against doing so by the evil moderators, they usually get a ban Face-sad.svg (they're a lost cause anyway)

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