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EndMyopia has built up a large existing canon of free resources. These free resources were made for full immersion, not for the readers to pick-and-mix what they do and don't want to do. You have to do several things, together, correctly in order to improve your vision, just doing Active Focus or just improving your habits won't suffice.

Here is an exhaustive list of free resources available:

Reading > asking for support

Spin the wheel.gif

These resources don't involve asking anyone else for advice. That's a good thing, because any time you ask the advice of someone else, they are likely giving you a much reduced level of detail, compared to what you actually need to know to improve your eyesight.

You're spinning a wheel and hoping someone will give you something helpful (by chance), instead of going directly to a resource that has a high level of detail and is guaranteed to be helpful and thorough.

There is a choice between:

  1. Detailed, crafted information prewritten trying to give you the detail needed to improve eyesight
  2. Whatever someone decides to write you at that moment (spin the wheel)

In the early stages of improving your vision, reading will always be superior to asking questions to the community. We're sorry, but nearly all of your basic questions have been answered elsewhere and in much greater detail.

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Don't Panic

One of the other very first most important things you need to know is: Be different from everyone else. DON'T PANIC![1]

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