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You can find many handy resources if you want to create community content for EndMyopia. All contributions to the project are heavily appreciated!

All files on wiki

All files on the wiki can be found here, including many pictures and things

EM logos

Small note

These logos are all very high resolution and should scale well for any purpose.

Please don't use EM logos in a way that implies endorsement by the website in some way. Face-smile.svg

Transparent backgrounds

EMBoxLogoTransparent.png File:EMBoxLogoTransparent.png

Endmyopia longform logo transparent background.png File:Endmyopia_longform_logo_transparent_background.png

White backgrounds

EMBoxLogoWhite.png File:EMBoxLogoWhite.png

Endmyopia longform logo white background.png File:Endmyopia_longform_logo_white_background.png