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{{Bartcy status}}

The idea behind this is to produce a template such as Template:cite web having pipes, namely

  • |status (in all cases)
  • |last_died (optional - e.g. 9th Bt)
  • |died_when (optional - e.g. 1999)
  • |merged_with (optional - e.g. Baron WhatNot)

Regarding baronetcy status
  • D is for Dormant
  • X is for Extinct
  • P is for Extant
  • U is for Unproven
  • UR is for Unproven, under review
  • DR is for Dormant, under review
  • UM is for Proven but merged with a higher title
  • PM is for Proven but merged with a higher title
  • RM is for Under review; merged with a higher title
  • DM is for Dormant and merged
  • PU is for Proven but not used
  • F is for Forfeit

Feel free to add more if necessary.

A pipe followed by no variable will produce the heading "Baronetcy status", rather than "Dormant, probably extinct".

Optional fields are

  • last_died (if you include this, also include died_when)
  • merged_with (only use with DM, UM, RM and PM)
  • url (to override default URL in UR,DR,U,D)


{{Bartcy status|D|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999}} Dormant. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|X|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999}} Extinct. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|P}} Extant.
{{Bartcy status|U|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999}} Unproven. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|UR|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999}} Unproven, under review. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|DR|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999}} Dormant, under review. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|UM|merged_with=Baron Whatnot}} Unproven. Merged with Baron Whatnot.
{{Bartcy status|PM|merged_with=Baron Whatnot}} Proven but merged with Baron Whatnot.
{{Bartcy status|DM|last_died=9th Bt|died_when=1999|merged_with=Baron Whatnot}} Dormant and merged with Baron Whatnot. 9th Bt died 1999.
{{Bartcy status|PU}} Proven but not used.
{{Bartcy status|F}} Forfeit.