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Anticipated Glasses Future

Next glasses

normal/normalized glasses will be brown frames

OD/Right: -4.00 sphere, -1.50 cylinder, 171 axis

OS/Left: -3.75 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 176 axis

Lens: 1.57 Mid-Index

closeup/differential glasses


My Glasses History

I figured I should track this somewhere and maybe someday I will make enough progress that this level of detail will be interesting to someone besides me. Or maybe just knowing my context is useful. Also adding other non-glasses stuff that could be relevant.

October 7, 2022

Close-ups - gold frames

Had some icecream last night and chocolate this morning and was crying. My vision is typically worse in the morning and if I've had refined sugar. So I figured this was a good conservative time to test my vision. Tested. It is time. Now using for close-up glasses:

OD/Right: -3.00 sphere, -1.50 cylinder, 171 axis

OS/Left: -2.75 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 176 axis

Lens: 1.57 Mid-Index


Bike trip ends

Using borrowed tv screen as monitor. Quit all refined sugar again.

Bike trip review

Didn't make any changes while bicycling. Rode my bike a bunch, used the laptop a bunch. Got a bit of a tan. Ate a TON of junk food. ALLLlll the sugary things. Traveled maybe 2,000 miles.

March 2022

Bicycle trip starts

This is when I left on a bicycle trip. I'm getting lots of sunshine and outdoor time. This is a dramatic change from my winter habits this year, so I won't make any changes to my glasses at this time.

Abandoned keyboard and mouse, no room to pack 'em.

January 26, 2022

Found a free keyboard and mouse.

Now I can get my laptop further away from my lap. Only problem is, I just switched to new normalized glasses a few days ago! So I am concerned about effectively changing two focal planes at once. Oh well. Will try to be conservative about where I set my computer, while still getting in the habit of using the keyboard and mouse.

In short, I have to be cautious about not effectively changing two focal planes at once.

January 22, 2022

normal glasses - black frames

OD/right: -4.25 sphere, -1.5 cylinder, 171 axis

OS/left: -4 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 176 axis

Lens: 1.57 Mid-Index

November 7, 2021

Normal glasses

Couldn't find my original prescription when I wanted to change glasses from my close-ups (differentials) so I decided it was time to switch to my first normalized glasses. It feels like it has been about a month. I also received my over-the-glasses sunglasses yesterday!

OD/Right -4.50 sphere, -1.50 cylinder, 171 axis
OS/Left -4.25 sphere,-1.75 cylinder, 176 axis

Lens: 1.57 Mid-Index

Mid-October 2021

Close-ups - blue frames

OD/Right: -3.25 sphere, -1.5 cylinder, 171 axis
OS/Left: -3 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 176 axis
Zenni frame 411516 because it's got half a dozen colors so I can keep track of new glasses easier, and it's the cheapest metal frames they sell. These frames are blue.

Lens: 1.57 Mid-Index

Mid-September 2021

End Myopia discovery

Found somewhere. I had been looking for wrap-around sunglasses that would work with my prescription, which was apparently not in "cheap sunglasses on Zenni" territory.

Eating more fiber

Figured out I can get most of my vitamins and minerals from 2 cups cooked greens and a can of beans every day. My fiber intake just went up dramatically and permanently.

July 2021


Right: -4.75 sphere, -1.5 cylinder, 171 axis
Left: -4.5 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 176 axis

January(ish) 2020


Talked optometrist into just checking eye health. Eye health was fine.

June 2019

Quit refined sugar

Did someone refine the fiber out? I won't eat it. Juice? Unacceptable. Honey? Refined by bees. Maple syrup? Sure, if I'm gnawing on a maple tree. Cane sugar? Sure, if I'm eating the cane alone with it. And so forth.
NOTE: This took me 20 years of effort before it finally stuck. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again. I get refined sugar on my birthdays.

July 2018


OD: -5 sphere, -1.5 cylinder, 175 axis
OS: -4.5 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 175 axis

1.61 Blokz Photochromic - Gray

May 2011


OD: -5 sphere, -1.5 cylinder, 168 axis
OS: -4.5 sphere, -1.75 cylinder, 175 axis

Early 1990s

Kept forgetting my glasses at home and not being able to see the blackboard clearly from the first row. Annoyed teacher told me I needed to start remembering to bring my glasses. This is when I started wearing glasses full time.

Late 1980s

I was warned. When I was given my first pair of glasses, I was told, repeatedly, don't wear these glasses when you don't need them. I was living in England at the time. Not sure if it was an English doctor or a US military doctor. In my medical records, my early glasses are "for distance only".

Why I'm here

At this point, just habit. Also people with low-to-no myopia are less prone to retinal detachment. Eye problems run in my family. I figure I should do what I can to keep my eyesight in working order.

Things I'd like to be able to see clearly without glasses again:

  • the stars
  • my toes

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Glad you had a good trip! -snax 8/1/22