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The whole entire concept of myopia has to make you either laugh or cry, realistically.

Vision improvement and myopia stuff in general is polarising and can be seen through two different lenses That's hilarious

One part is the fun, happy go-lucky type, which is all like: I get my 20/20 vision back, I have loads of fun making YouTube videos, and I get to pretend to worship an eye guru? How hilarious!!!

The other half of the equation is about all the people who are missing out in life as a result of this information not being as widely distributed as it should be. Feels bad man Face-sad.svg

There's that 'back of the head thing' that is perfectly aware of how many people are suffering through myopia. Myopia has to be my most disliked trait. Who knows how many opportunities I've lost out on, and how much has changed as a result of the butterfly effect? 😱

Butterfly effect

Actions in one area can cause a much bigger effect in another area. I stumbled onto EndMyopia originally by glancing at a reddit link for half a second, before you know it BOOM I'm making long term improvements in my myopia. It's like torture knowing how much it could have gone the other way, so glad it didn't 😅

Lost track of the number of sporting events I really did not take seriously, I really settled into that 'nerd' stereotype and those glasses keep you locked in to it. No sport for me, instead I'll be stagnant and play video games all day 🎮 (so many good memories though)

Laughing or crying

You can't cry endlessly about the state of the world. Gotta say though it's pretty bleak at the moment!! 50% of the world forecast to have myopia by 2050. 50 percent. Naw guys, it's still a mysterious genetic condition, absolute mystery how this is happening. Reverse your myopia? No way!!! Once you get to those kinds of stupid levels of myopia, surely the penny drops for humanity as a collective at some point along the timeline, right? 🤔

EndMyopia represents the other half of the equation. You can laugh in your own bubble of friends where everything is always getting better, or you can cry because the world's submerged in a dark reality. (philosophy monocle: 🧐)

EndMyopia's (great) future

I'm a ruthless believer in optimism over pessimism, so stuff like 'EndMyopia will never take off' or 'if it worked it would already be successful' is just like, negative man. You gotta ignore the negativity, where the heck does negativity get you anyway?! Here's the first thing I think of when someone says one of those two sentences:

It's literal fucking vision improvement, back to 20/20. It literally has the potential to help more than a billion people deal with a severe defect to their most important sensory organ. Whaddya talking about!?

Who cares if EM 'takes off' or not? We're all having fun here, actually improving our vision and being a beacon of light for those who want to seek us out. No point in being some kind of religious crusade or something 😂