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Just a public declaration, I am not the arbiter of what you can and can't change on the wiki. Nobody is, it's our wiki owned by everyone. The wiki is free to share and distribute. We're not going for a bureaucracy angle with 'rulers' who decide what can and can't be changed.

What gets to stay is determined by what consensus thinks should stay. If you think a change is bad, you can revert it and discuss with that editor. It's really important not to have preemptive discussion about a change you haven't written in Wikitext yet, if you know it's not going to be controversial.

Sure I wrote nearly all of the policy articles. Think of these as 'default' settings that can be changed however everyone sees fit.

Of course message me if you need something technical figured out, or you think I'm the right guy to write a certain type of article. But for the love of god it's not my wiki and you don't need my permission to edit articles.

You're welcome to ask me if you think a specific edit you've made is good. If you're asking me for permission to edit an article, you're asking the wrong person - ask yourself whether you think the changes will be good.

-NottNott (talk) 01:25, 13 June 2020 (UTC)