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The wiki is entirely subject to change based on community input. That is how a wiki is built. Literally anything about the wiki can and should be up for discussion. With that said, here's my exception which I'm ignoring rules on:

'Structured talk pages'💩

Based on these findings, we propose that wikitext talk pages should be improved, and not replaced.

I will never implement structured talk pages, and will oppose all calls to introduce it.

Structured talk pages look horrible

It makes talk pages look terrible to read and hard to follow, and gives everything a horrible grey colour. It removes the artistic flair editors put into designing their lovely signatures, and all the colour that comes along with it. It removes all of the wonderful formatting options we have access to when writing messages to each other. It destroys the soul of the wiki. Nearly all different language Wikipedia projects have refused to fully implement this feature, for these reasons.

Making the wiki future-proof

It is clear the Wikimedia Foundation and MediaWiki developers are working on a way to make talk pages more accessible through the current infrastructure of a normal page, as opposed to a complete rewrite of how talk pages work.

Since it's clear structured talk pages are going the way of the dinosaurs (extinct), it's clear that even if we did put it in, eventually the extension will become unmaintained and we'll be forced to do some horrible transfer from that system over to regular talk pages. Just, no. I'm horrible, and y'all gotta learn how to use old fashioned talk pages.Face-smile.svg

Conclusion with a strong opinion

Using talk pages is very easy to learn! You can see examples of the syntax of talk pages on every talk page you visit.

If you genuinely cannot learn to use talk pages, perhaps you're genuinely not the calibre we need here at the wiki. Boom! Yeah! I went there! 😎

-NottNott (talk)