Guide:How to doubt EndMyopia

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Probably untrustworthy...?

This guide will show you how to doubt EndMyopia, when you're coming across it for the first time. Wait what?

Obviously, you should doubt this

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This is total rubbish! If myopia was reversible everyone would know by now! This guy is trying to sell me something!

— You, reading literally anything here for the first time

When reading EndMyopia content for the first time, if you seriously didn't doubt this stuff for the first time that would be pretty impressive. Mostly everybody has the same initial experience when they find the site for the first time. "It's all a scam." "I mean, it probably is, right?"

There are, of course plenty of snake oil salespeople on the internet. At a quick glance, EndMyopia shouldn't seem all that different.

Reasons to reconsider extreme doubt

Here's a few reasons you should, maybe reconsider whether any of this stuff is real instead of dismissing it without thinking:

We encourage you to be open-minded and consider all of the options available to you, instead of just ours. We're all about engaging those critical thinking skills. If you can understand vision biology yourself, then you are in a better position to decide what is and isn't likely to fix your eyesight.

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