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Two billion people have myopia. That's huge. The vast majority of myopia is induced through a rogue optometry industry that cares little for people's eyes, and loads for their bottom line. We're trying to change that.

Why the wiki exists

The wiki was created in response to millions of "omg jake!!! your free stuff sucks and doesn't get to the point!!!" messages. So, the wiki is here to completely flip that on its head. There's only so much one person can do, after all.

The wiki’s main priority is practical, good information on how to fix eyesight that works for the majority of people. Information that makes it into EndMyopia through the blog and videos have always followed this criterion, many people claim that they can improve their vision in a different way and those differences bear mentioning. Articles should, for the most part, deal with the majority of the population, and what can be reproduced most effectively.

Other priorities include:

  • Scientific discussion and information about vision biology
  • Community writings and videos front and center to encourage the community
  • A nice Frequently Asked Questions page

Who should edit

There isn't an approval process for editors, you can make an account and get started. If you want to correct grammar or change wording to make things clearer, anyone is welcome to do this. If you're contributing content, it's probably a good idea that you have some understanding of the EndMyopia method before you add content to articles. See Start your improvement here for a good crash course on EndMyopia ideas.

You can message these helpful editors if you need help editing.