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The student's most asked question

One very commonly raised concern is that of students. It is always the same concern: "Which correction do I use in class?" While the phrasing varies from one query to the next, the question is essentially the same.

The scenario

When you are in class (or the boardroom for that matter), you are trying to take notes (close up) and you need to see the board during the lecture (distance). The conclusion people arrive at is that in order to apply the EndMyopia method one must switch between [Differentials] and [Normalized] many times. Naturally the idea is unappealing. Not only will you attract unwanted attention, your productivity will suffer from the distraction, and you will likely end up with a headache and/or a pair of unhappy eyes from the frequent changing.

What to do

It is important to understand that Differentials are for extended close work. Taking notes in class is not extended close work. The most practical thing to do here is to wear your normalized. Looking down for a quick jot is not going to do any real damage to your progress with EM. Don't mistake this for a pass to use normz on your phone "just for a second", this should always be a exception to the rule, based on the obligation of your work.

Another option, depending on your diopter dependence, is to peek under your glasses when taking notes. If you follow the EM suggestion for larger frames then it might be helpful to have a smaller frame specifically for classroom use.

  • Please note: It is not in accordance with EM recommendations to use bifocal or multifocal lenses.

Take heed

If you start extending this exception beyond the obligation of the classroom (boardroom) you will likely find it hinders your progress.

It is of course important to switch to Differentials to study and for all of your extended close up, and avoid extra close up beyond what is required. As long as you mind this and you are good about getting distance vision to balance out your close work, there is no reason you will not progress just as well as anyone else.