Writing:Mild Curiosity

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I wasn't looking for ways to reduce my myopia. I had tried the Bates method twice in the past and was unable to sustain the slight improvements it gave me. I had ditched my glasses other than for driving about 30 years ago, and felt comfortable and sufficiently visually competent for the life I was living. I came across Endmyopia through Jake's interview with Ivor Cummins, and thought I might give it a try. Ditching your glasses is not on the Endmyopia menu, so I hesitated initially when I read about all the reduced glasses I would need. But I planned my reductions, bought a good many pairs of glasses, and soon discovered that I need not have done so. The method seems to work for me without my having to wear glasses. So now I am the black sheep (black swan) of the EM method. The mild curiosity turned into enthusiasm, but I DO NOT advise you to ditch your glasses.